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About N•S Supply


|HongKong Leading Supplier  Wholesaler  B2B watches

N•S Supply was found in 2012, and we are based in HONGKONG.
We are selling our products in the Asian, to European  as well as US, servicing jewelers,internet retailers and wholesalers .

Most of our original clients are still with us and we have grown our businesses together. We focus on B2B business

|Best Wholesale Prices

We work closely with the Manufacturers/Distributors/Stockists in China.Our collection of models is one of the most comprehensive in the industry .

As a top wholesale supplier of designer brand watches,we can offer you the authentic & original products with the best wholesale prices.
We know that the best prices is the most import factor for wholesaler and retailers.

|Watches Distributors, B2B Watches, Watches Wholesaler

N•S Supply offers B2B solution for Watches Distributors, B2B Watches, Watches Wholesaler

We are always looking to expand into your markets. please contact us if you are also interested.

We know exactly how to serve customer like you!

About Us